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BBVN Layaway Plan (or LP)

You already know that the BBVN LP is economical, simple to use, and is quick and easy. So what else is there to know about the BBVN LP?


Unlike MOST of the department store LP's, you can decide to trade items on your layaway, do partial returns on your layaway, add to your layaway, upgrade your layaway, and even do partial pick-ups.

Unfamiliar with these new options for your LP? That's understandable. Let us explain what these options mean:

TRADE ITEMS - Simply put, you can decide to take an item off of your LP and put a similiar item in its place; with NO extra fees.

PARTIAL RETURNS - If for some reason, you no longer want an item on your layaway, you simply can delete that item (called 'Partial Return'), while keeping the other items still securely on your LP; with NO extra fees.

ADD ITEMS - Why build another LP for additional items when you can ADD them instead. With the 'Add' option, you don't need to have multiple LP's - you just have to add the itme(s) that you want to your existing LP; with NO extra fees.

UPGRADE ITEMS - Upgrading is when you have an item on layaway and you decide to 'Upgrade' it to a more expensive item of the same kind (ie: you upgrade to Binding Oil 'SOUL' from Binding Oil 'HEART', a $5 Upgrade); with NO extra fees.

PARTIAL PICK-UPS - With the 'Partial Pick-Up' option, you can pay off an item in your LP and have it shipped to you (which will allow you to obtain some of your items quickly, while the other items stay on your LP); with NO extra fees.


To make sure of the quality of understanding out Layaway Plan, let us summerize it one last time:

-The BBVN LAYAWAY PLAN economical and simpl to use.
-To start a LP, you simply send in your intial down payment.
-Initial Down Payments are usually 10-25% of your total purchase order.
-Upon receit of your payment, I will e-mail you of your new balance.
-After that, your merchandise will be held aside for you.
-You have 30 DAYS to completely pay for your merchandise.
-Usually, payments are made ONCE/week.
-If your LP is not PIF after 30 DAYS, your items will be returned to stock.
-Once the items are completely PIF, shipment and delivery will commence.
-DELIVERY takes 7 to 14 days after the items have been PIF.
-IF YOU NEED MORE THAN 30 DAYS, more time can be arranged.
-When extending your LP, a $10.00 fee for every 30 days extended is induced.
-Extensions can not exceede 60 days in any one layway plan.
-CANCELATION OF YOUR LAYAWAY can be done by e-mailing LadyLantern.
-There are penalties for canceling your layaways.
-When canceling your LP you will Forfeit refund of any/all layaway fees.
-You will forfeit 25% of payments made on your LP for canceling.
-A cancelation fee of $10.00 will incurr when your LP is canceled.
-Upon canceling your LP, all penalties are incurred first.
-Whatever refund-payment is due to you will be mailed upon your cancelation.
-If you are entitled to a refund, allow 7 to 14 days to receive it.
-UPON A CANCELATION, all penalties MUST be met before a new LP can be started.


Are you interested in building a Layaway Plan for yourself? We have THREE simple steps to get you on your way:

STEP ONE: Click on the LINK below to get to the LP Form.
STEP TWO: Fill-out the Online Layaway Plan Form.
STEP THREE: Send in your Down Payment of 10-25% of you total charges TODAY!

That's it! That Simple! That Easy!