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There are several payment options available through Blessed Be -- Vampiric Nuptuals. You may choose any of the following options below, or even divide payment into two or more of the options listed. Choose the option that best fits your needs.

The traditional ways of payment are:


But there have been TWO other options that have recently become available. We are pleased and proud to present the BBVN Line of Payment. Through these two new ways of making payments easier, most anyone is abe to purchase and enjoy our products, hassle-free.

These two new ways are through:



Explained below is our procedures on excepting payments through the forementioned options. Please read through these options and procedures to fully understand them and to be able to make an informed decision on which payment option is best for you.

1) WESTERN UNION -- Most of my clients use this payment option because of it's quick and easy transfer. Also, this option allows a quicker delivery of your lovely mementos. Upon receiving your transfer of funds, you will receive your shipment within at least 7 to 10 days, not including Sundays.

2) MONEY ORDER -- The second option in payment preference is the Money Order. Still quick and easy, however, due to the mailing process, this option inhibits you from a quick delivery. Using this option will take at least 17 to 24 days, not including Sundays.

3) CASHIRE'S CHECK -- Like the Money Order, a Cashier's Check is preferred over a Personal Check. Due to the mailing process, this option inhibits you from a quick delivery. Using this option will take at least 17 to 24 days, not including Sundays.

4) CASH -- Ultimately, this is a convenient payment option. However, due to the vast amount of theft and misdirected mail, your payment may not be received. Keeping this in mind, it will take at least 17 to 24 days for delivery of your mementos, not including Sundays.

5) PERSONAL CHECK -- This option is acceptable, but we do prefer one of the other above mentioned options better. Unlike any other payment option, the Personal Check is held for a matter of 7 to 10 days for clearance. Due to the banking process, mail delivery, and shipment, using this payment option will take at least 27 to 34 days, not including Sundays.


BBVN LAYAWAY PLAN - This layaway plan is very economical to use. Simply send in your intial down payment (usually 10-25% of your total purchase order), and upon receit of your payment, I will e-mail you of your new balance. After that, your merchandise will be held aside for you. You have 30 DAYS to completely pay for your merchandise (usually paymenst are made ONCE/week) before the items are put back to stock. Once the items are completely paid in full, shipment and delivery will commence. DELIVERY is said to take 7 to 14 days after the items have been Paid In Full (or PIF).

IF YOU NEED MORE THAN 30 DAYS, more time can be arranged. However, this option of extending your layaway plan will induce a layaway fee of $10.00 for every 30 days extended; not to exceede 60 days in any one layway plan.

CANCELATION OF YOUR LAYAWAY can be done as simple and as fast as e-mailing LadyLantern of your cancelation decision. Penalties of canceling you layaway are: Forfeiture of layaway fee, forfeiture of 25% of payments made on layaway plan, and an additional $10.00 cancelation fee. Upon canceling your Layaway Plan (or LP), all penalties are incurred and whatever refund-payment is due to you will be mailed and should be received 7 to 14 days from cancelation.

Want to know more about the BBVN Layaway PLan? Simply view the BBVN Layaway Plan Brochure.


BBVN CREDIT CARD - A very new and very radical way of payment is through a Credit Card especially made and controlled by LadyLantern for Blessed Be -- Vampiric Nuptuals. This Credit Card is NOT through any bank! This Credit Card is made available through and for Blessed Be -- Vampiric Nuptuals ONLY. With the BBVN Credit Card, you will be able to CHARGE your purchases to your account (as any other credit card), and then make convient monthly payments. Credit limit depends on varifiable credit history, income/work status, and CARD PLAN that you prefer.

THERE ARE THREE BBVN CREDIT CARDS AVAILABLE: The BBVN Novice Card (a credit limit upto $50), The BBVN Dominant Card (a credit limit of $50 - $100), and The BBVN Advanced Card (a credit limit of $100 - $500).

THERE ARE ANNUAL FEES that occur with some of these cards. The NOVICE Card does not incurr any annual fee; unless prompted by the CARD PLAN that you choose. The DOMINANT Card and the ADVANCED Card both have annual fees; DOMINANT annual is $25, while the annual for the ADVANCED is $50 (unless disagreeable with the CARD PLAN that you elect to use).

EVERY CREDIT CARD HAS A CARD PLAN that simply states when you plan to repay your credit debt. If you pay back the amount of total on your card upon billing, the annual fees mentioned stand and stick. However, if you want a more flexible plan such as the MONTHLY GREIVANCE PLAN (or MGP), the annual fees mentioned are invalid and will be raised accordingly.

Want to know more about the BBVN Credit Cards? Simply view the BBVN Credit Card Brochure.